The company was founded in 1984 in San Paolo Bel Sito in the province of Naples, when its founder Luigi Bifulco, after living in the region with the largest rice production for several years, decided to start his own rice and cereal production.

The company continued its business despite the fact that the person who breathed life into it passed away. Thus, from 1987, his wife Francesca Marinucci became the only director of the company, whose family character has remained throughout the years until today. In 1992, Michele Bifulco's first son joined the company as a sales and marketing leader for the Italian market, since 2004, under his brother Vincenzo in the same business but for the foreign market.

In 2004, the expansion of rice production began, including products such as risotto, legumes, pelati, biscuits, dried fruit and pasta, as well as exports to many countries around the world.

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RICE 1000g VACUUM- 10/1pcs.
RICE 1000g VACUUM- 10/1pcs.