Pfanner juices - a new brand in the Mayrex family

In addition to leading Italian brands, the Mayrex family has joined the Austrian brand Pfanner.

Juices made with great care during the selection, processing and bottling of fruit, and for more than 160 years with innovation, development and continuous improvement, Pfanner has gained the trust of millions of consumers.


Our beginnings date back to 1993 when we were a small family business, and today 29 years later we are distributors of leading Italian brands. We have been going on all these years because we believe that good returns to good and that if we do the job with a lot of enthusiasm, it is possible to achieve the goal.

Convenient-our products on Kvantaš!

From now on, you can also buy our products at Kvantaš. At already reduced prices, very affordable. The offer includes various types of Italian brands: Divella, Liking, Filippo Berio and many others.

Social responsibility

With its socially responsible business, Mayrex aims to help those who need help at a given time. She recently supported and helped the humanitarian organization "Friends in Trouble" by allocating part of her funds and helping to implement a seven-day rehabilitation program for young people with disabilities on Zlatibor from July 9-16, 2017.

Member of the Chamber of Italian-Serbian Businessmen

Mayrex is a member of the Chamber of Italian-Serbian Businessmen, which belongs to a worldwide network of a total of 74 Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, present in a total of 49 countries and over 24,000 members. Represents the interests of member companies, provides informational support for their business and advocates for the development and improvement of Italian-Serbian trade and cooperation in all economic aspects.