Divella, as the first company that the MAYREX Company started to represent on the Serbian market, is one of the largest brands of pasta in the world.

As the second in Italy in sales and according to the quality of the first in the category of industrial pasta, Divella exported their pasta to over 100 countries, creating a name on every continent on Earth for many decades.

Divella has an annual production of over 150,000 tons of pasta, and we can proudly say that it is the absolute leader in our region by sales of Italian pasta. His exacting standards using the highest quality of durum wheat, which is through its two mills processed and used for the production of durum pasta.
We can say that Divella is a real pearl from the south Italy, which shines over 100 years, which gave and will give to its customers the best quality of pasta worldwide.

Divella has a policy to make pasta only in one factory, only to maintain the quality known for over 100 years.

In Serbia Divella position slowly, only because it offers consumers the best quality at an affordable price, educating consumers to Divella’s pasta and other products provide quality range that is used in all countries around the world. The quality of durum flour that makes Divella’s pasta, with proper cooking will never stick or fall apart, which is certainly looking forward to all the cooks and housewives.
Divella has also crushed tomatoes in their product range, tomato -which is the absolute leader in Italy, rice, olive oil, for polenta that can be said that the genuine product and various instant tea biscuits-biscuits, which contain no trans fats.

We want to tell our customers that any product with a Divella’s logo means high quality, well-known brand that has no defects for many years and the price - quality ratio unmatched on many markets in the world as well as on the Serbian market.

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Hopla herbal creams are products from the Cooperlat company, which is in Italy at third place as a milk processor with over 900 000 liters of purchase on a daily basis. Working on the quality of many years, the Cooperlat company made of Hopla brand the absolute leader in the Italian market and succeeded to be one of the most famous brands in its segment.

Hopla is synonymous for a quality, with exports to over 50 countries worldwide, providing the most demanding pastry chefs and cooks everything they need. Hopla is a constant quality throughout the year, therefore it is respected by our consumers.

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Monari Federzoni

It is family company from Italy, which has a 100 years tradition and which brand is the absolute leader in world .Monari has a great assortment of balsamic vinegar with excellent quality and unique flavor that is being built through its century of existence.

Monari’s balsamic vinegar comes from the Emila’s Romagna region of grape varieties Labruco, Trebijano, Ancelotti, Alban and Sandjoveze. 

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Agugiaro& Figna S.p.A

It is a family company, which has a tradition dating from the 18th century, but today they are with their products known under the brand name "Le 5 Stagioni".

With a very strict selection of raw flour for pizzas, Le 5 Stagioni is the absolute leader in Italy and well known throughout Europe and the world.

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Oleificio Speroni

Speroni is a family company founded 1954th in a beautiful mountain area of Parma, at the initiative of the former owner Cavalier Rino Speroni.
For the oil mill Speroni, it is always the quality of crucial importance, where professional staff of a Speroni company always chooses quality raw materials to comply with the quality of the Mediterranean tradition.

Oil mill Speroni has an excellent price - quality ratio, and for decades it is trying to fulfill the crucial requirement, be good quality with reasonable price.

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Filippo Berio

It is a renowned Italian brand, which exist from 1867th years and it is part of Salov Company nearly a century.
Filippo Berio Olive Oil is obtained by an exceptional selection of olives, the quality is constant throughout the year and the percentage of acid is among the lowest in Europe and in the world. Filippo Berio olive oil passes a series of chemical tests to determine the classification of the authenticity of the product (whether it is extra virgin).

Second important test is the "peroxide test" that measures oxygen levels. How olive oil comes into contact with oxygen so there is the beginning of oxidation time and the quality deteriorates, so the level of peroxides must be lower than 20 to be classified as extra virgin. It is also important to Filippo Berio oil also passes some other panel tests such as smell and taste tests, where once again confirms the authenticity and quality, no matter what other tests are done. No bottles of Filippo Berio olive oil can be bottled until they pass all the rigorous quality control tests.

Filippo Berio extra virgin oil represents the brand leader in many developed countries, primarily as consumers classify it as one of the highest quality oils of today.

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Nutkao S.r.l. is founded by Joseph Draid in 1982 in the heart of the Piemonte region, known for its production of hazelnuts. The company has developed over the years and so far has reached a position as an international leader in the production of spreads in the private sector. Factory for production was built in 2001. in a modern building in Canova di Govone with an area of 12,000 square meters, which satisfied world standards for the production of hazelnuts cacao cream. For the production process it is used the best natural raw materials that are currently available on the market. The products don’t have any of synthetic additives. In its range the Nutkao has a variety of packages, so all the market segments are covered from the retail market to the Horeca segment.

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Paip Giglio Firenca

Paip Giglio Florence is a company with 50 years of experience in the food industry, producing quality products related to the tradition of production. Through constant research in the difficult field of fresh products, Paip results are used to implement always new investment and new production facilities specialized in the production of potato gnocchi. Using pasteurized procces of products, PAIPA has the ability to maintain long preservation of their natural freshness.


Vinicola Serena winery celebrates 130 years of existence

History of success in record numbers, but the obligation, sacrifice and passion led to Vinicola Serena reaches 130 years of business. Tradition, knowledge and passion characterize the Wine Serena, a company actived in wine industry since 1881. The general managers of the company today are brothers George and Gerardo Serena with the help of his sons Luca and Chiara Serena, who are representing now the fifth generation of the family.

From its beginning, the company has never ceased to renew itself and adapt to market demands while maintaining quality. The Wine Serena celebrated 130 years of business in 2011: an important turn point for the company Veneto, in constant growth. The Serena wine is always at the top in terms of quality wines offered and technological innovation. The philosophy behind the whole project is in constant obligation to follow trends. Over the years there have been two crucial factors in company growth: on the one hand, the connection with tradition, on the other hand, the technology to keep up with the times.

This winning combination has enabled the company to achieve ambitious results.

Currently, the Serena wine is a leader in the national and international level in Horeca segment and bottles growing sector, particularly in the production of DOC and DOCG Prosecco and other types of Veneto IGT wines of high quality.


Liking S.p.A.

Liking S.p.A. is Italian candy producer. The first candies were made in 1920. under the name "Dolcificio Como" and thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of three generations, todays factory operates under the name Liking S.p.A. Daily this factory produce 22 tons of various types of candy.

Liking is known for its ideal price-quality relation.




As a company specializing in the production of healthy food, Sante operates on the Polish market since 1992. The mission of this company is to promote healthy living habits trough the consumer education. We offer more than 200 products, including products for breakfast, soy product, Himalayan see salt, brown sugar...

We care about the health and consumer safety, offering the high quality products. 

Sante is a leader in the cereal production in Poland because of its unique taste of crunchy cereals rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Sante Granola and Crunchy is an ideal choise to start a healthy day. Due to the high fibre content, Sante gives you feeling of satiety.



GI METAL is an Italian company engaged in the production of professional equipment for pizzerias and restaurants. We offer a complete range of pizzerias, food carts, shovels, brushes, blades for pizza. 
The products are exclusively made of steel of European origin with low nickel content in order to avoid the possibility of allergies. GI METAL equipment characterized by high resistance and hygiene products.



Barkleys are delicious refreshing sweets (compacts) in original, classic, retro box. And if the brand began in North America, is increasingly popular in other continents. Refreshing bonbons with a unique spicy flavor.





Paslek is a Polish company engaged in the production of cheese and

the highest quality of milk replacement. The excellent quality of cheese produced in sterile conditions and ecological environment. In addition to cheese and potato production, they are known for specialized production of dairy additivies. 



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E.Wedel was founded in 1851 and is the oldest brand in chocolate production in Poland.Brend E.Wedel means superior quality chocolate with intense and well-known taste. great taste owes the highest quality from Ghana and carefully selected ingredients.

They offer various types of sweets, each bearing the seal of E.Wedel who quickly won the hearts of people with the most delicious taste and went to the next generations who have pefected the skill of making chocolate.

It operates in 25 countries around the world. 

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